Do you want to become the most powerful and visible brand in your industry?


We as a content marketing agency go as a strong partner, with you the way of success. We create, develop, produce and market content and stories for you and your individual presence.

Today, it is hard to imagine digital strategy and performance-oriented marketing without content marketing. The basis for sustainable success is just as in B2B as in B2C, the storytelling!


We have already accompanied many companies on this path. You can find an overview in our references.

The goal: to create a concept in close cooperation with you and thus achieve more relevant reach and better performance.

But what does content marketing mean?

Content marketing is a strategic marketing method that aims to reach target audiences through relevant and valuable content. We analyze and serve the real needs for your relevant target group.

Target group analysis is used for positioning, customer acquisition and customer retention.

content production

Content is King: We create text, image and, with partners, video content in all forms and colors: storytelling and news, advertorials, content and elements for newsletters, of course social media postings as well as blogger briefings, entire blogs or simply good landing pages.

Text and image


Social media


Blog posts

Content marketing and storytelling


Getting to know each other, agreement and definition of goals

Concept creation

Creation of a concept to perfectly plan their appearance

Brand awareness

We analyze the relevant target group and the appropriate market

Relevant range

More relevant reach is achieved by precisely addressing the appropriate target group and environment

Stronger customer loyalty

We pick up customers exactly where they need it. Through high-quality and useful information and content you manage to retain customers

Increase sales

Sales will increase sustainably and also help you in the long term

Inbound Marketing / Lead Generation

Inbound marketing aims at gaining the willingness of users to leave their contact details for exclusive and high-quality content.


And how does that work?

Strategic and search engine optimized content increases visibility in relevant channels and the associated target groups.

More users visit the provided pages and receive relevant and high-quality whitepapers, cases, studies, tips or even videos. You also have the option to download in return for your contact information.

This data can be used to generate leads at a later date.

That’s why the KlickPiloten


- Planning and implementation by us

- more time for own processes


- Always agile and transparent

- Close customer contact


- Precise planning saves costs

- Sustainable success

- Continuous adjustments


- Ongoing consulting

- KPI reporting

- Individual adjustments

Our services at a glance for B2B and e-commerce:


  • Content production
  • Content marketing and storytelling
  • Inbound marketing and lead generation
  • Gated Content
  • Product data optimization
  • Creation of category and theme worlds for online stores

Das A und O von erfolgreichem Content Marketing ist die klare und gezielte Ansprache an die definierten Zielgruppen. Dies geschieht wiederum mit klar definierten Schwerpunkten, die als wertig und überzeugend wahrgenommen werden.

Es gibt viele verschiedene Möglichkeiten Content seinen Websitebesuchern zu präsentieren. Angefangen von Texten, Infografiken, Bildern und Slideshows, über Rankings, Listen und Videos, bis hin zu interaktiven Inhalten, Podcasts und Audio-Dateien.

Unter Content Marketing versteht man eine strategische Marketingausrichtung, bei der es darum geht, wertvollen, relevanten und konsistenten Content zu kreieren und distribuieren.