Performance-oriented content marketing and storytelling

No digital strategy should be without it: Performance-oriented and automated content marketing, or as we say: storytelling, is a solid basis for sustainable success in both B2B and B2C. We create, develop, produce and market content and stories for manufacturers, companies, brands and publishers. We provide more relevant reach and increased brand awareness, attract more new customers and ultimately increase your sales.

As your content marketing agency from Stuttgart with offices in Hamburg and Berlin, we work for companies from the B2B and B2C sectors, e.g. for e-commerce, publishing, software, trade/retail, automotive, suppliers, electrical engineering, medical technology and many more. You can find some of them in our references.

content production

Content is King: We create text, image and, with partners, video content in all forms and colours: storytelling and news, advertorials, content and elements for newsletters, of course social media postings as well as blogger briefings and entire blogs or simply good landing pages.

Content marketing and storytelling

Starting with research via a sustainable or short-term concept up to production and marketing (content seeding) for more brand awareness, we achieve more customers, more relevant reach and finally more sales for our clients/brands and manufacturers.

Inbound Marketing / Lead Generation

With Inbound Marketing you relieve your classical cold-calling sales: Through a search engine optimized as well as strategically sales-oriented content creation your visibility in relevant channels and thus target groups is increased. More users visit your content-rich pages and find interesting information / whitepapers / cases / tips possibly videos as well as an attractive download against the submission of e.g. e-mail or name (e-mail before download). The result is a pre-qualified lead that is scalable and almost fully automated.