Integrated digital marketing for more performance

Picking up the customer across different touchpoints, connecting them with brands, services, solutions and products is our core business as a performance marketing agency. We analyze, plan and optimize your channels according to importance and performance in the existing and new customer process. Always with an eye on the bigger picture – integrated digital marketing with more performance.

PPC: Google, Amazon, …

Search Engine Advertisting or PPC Advertising as a discipline in the search engine marketing mix with Google Ads (formerly AdWords), bing Ads, Yandex and Co. are central components of most performance oriented campaigns. As a long-standing Google Premier Partner and one of the larger ones in Germany, we have an optimal connection for the continuous development of your SEA campaigns. This is supplemented by international campaigns with bing and Yandex and last but not least by Amazon Ads (AMS).

SEO (OnPage/OffPage)

In the performance mix, search engine optimization (SEO for short) must not be missing. With OnPage analyses, technical optimizations, content optimization with word environment analyses supplemented by content marketing/link building with high-quality link building, we also master this discipline in such a way that SEO internationalization is also no problem for us. But not only in google, bing or yandes SEO plays a role. Yes also in Amazon the topic has arrived as Amazon SEO.

Performance Display

Combining different targeting options with permanent data analysis revolutionizes the whole genre of display advertising through real-time bidding (RTB). For us, display is not just branding but much more a performance channel for leads, sales and assisting contacts within the customer journey. Classically, we start with audiences in the remarketing area and then move towards statistical twins (Similar Audiences).

Affiliate Marketing

From AWIN (formerly) to T like Tradedoubler, we complement your performance marketing mix specifically where there is still potential. From setup to partner management, from tag integration to sales settlement, we offer you a full service in affiliate marketing across all verticals, always with the necessary eye for performance and the big picture. So we also pay attention to the correct attribution and commission model for you and above all avoid too high or even double commissions.

Product Data Marketing

Product data optimisation and marketing in all multichannel channels (such as catalogues, marketplaces, price portals, shopping platforms, affiliates) starting from your PIM or shop is one of the most important elements in the modern e-commerce performance marketing mix. More than 200,000 articles in over 20 channels in several languages and several times a day for a multi-shop system are daily practice for us, as well as data enrichment or automation. Lastly, sophisticated Google Shopping campaigns or Amazon data optimization are necessary to exist.

conversion optimization

Through targeted measures and optimized landing pages, e.g. through Google Optimize, we ensure that not only the right target group is optimally addressed in terms of quantity and quality, but we also have a positive influence on your OnPage conversion rate. Form optimization, order process optimization and telephone tracking in the lead process are additional means to our goal.