We plan and manage media budgets not only…

… we get the best out of your media budget!

We manage your media budget responsibly and performance-related. Within the framework of the user journey, we cover all channels that lie in the area of multi-channel digital marketing and thus ensure an efficient Return on Ad Spent (ROAS).
To get the best out of your media budget, that is our service! Together we plan the strategy for your digital media mix and create campaign-oriented media plans which we then also implement. We base this on your marketing goals such as: Branding, performance marketing and/or target group reach.

Media Planning & Buying

Through detailed analysis and research, we first find out where our clients’ customers move in the digital worlds and which media they see where and when. We then work out the optimal approach together with your or our creatives. A campaign-oriented media plan is then drawn up together with our coverage partners and then implemented.

Adserving + Tracking

No banners or ad servers. Where possible, we use centralised, highly available ad server technologies that allow a holistic customer journey and PostClick (PostView) measurement to measure and attribute the performance of your display campaigns in a sustainable way. The platforms available to us support web, mobile and app tracking.

RTB & Remainder

Without targeting, very little works today. Buzzwords such as Custom Audience or interest-based targeting and clearly situation-based remarketing are daily practice for us when we optimize our customers’ display campaigns in RTB (real-time bidding). Our philosophy follows a smart approach that does not annoy the customer but penetrates him. We are also happy to work here with our partners from the residual space marketing, in order to also realize favorable ranges for medium budgets.