The KlickPiloten combine environmental friendliness and economic interest. Ecological thinking and economic action as well as continuous optimisation of the use of resources are the order of the day for us. We want to make a contribution to the generations of tomorrow through active action.

Here are some excerpts of what we do:

Promote mobility

  • The central location of our locations (near Landungsbrücken/Hamburg, Feuersee/Stuttgart, in the middle of Kreuzberg/Berlin) allows an environmentally friendly journey, also for cyclists.
  • All our locations are optimally accessible by S/U-Bahn, bus (and not just one line)
  • We offer a job ticket and provide subsidies for public transport with the VVS, the HVV and the BVG
  • Frequent travellers receive a corresponding Bahncard
  • We provide each employee with an account from ShareNow (ex Car2GO)

Social commitment

  • Flexible part-time and flexitime models enable a work-life balance.
  • We are not only a training company and provide for the next generation in the industry, but also offer courses for further vocational training, which can be subsidized with education vouchers.
  • We offer our colleagues continuous training according to their individual needs, so that they continue to be fit for us and the job market.
  • For our vegetarian/vegan employees we not only provide milk substitutes, but also focus on balanced offers at company events.
  • We regularly support regional projects, such as the Kinderkrebshilfe (children’s cancer aid), the Kinderhospiz Stuttgart (children’s hospice) and are involved with the so-called Round Tablers.

green IT

  • We are committed to a climate-neutral website. Here our certificate as well as further details here in the PDF. Among others, the following climate protection projects are supported.
  • We enable mobile working and rely on environmentally conscious and energy-saving IT.
  • Use of virtualization for better capacity utilization
  • Through video and telephone conferencing we avoid unnecessary travel wherever possible, but we still love the personal contact with our clients.
  • For example, we rely on Google for cloud-based IT solutions:

Opinion and Appeal:

Precisely because of or despite the association of our brand name with “flying”, we even want to pay more attention to promoting sustainability and environmental protection.

We find actions like now from Airbus:“With alternative fuels to climate-neutral flying” very good and going in the right direction and hope that it will quickly become reality and be just as safe as before.

The following article fits in quite nicely: First all-electric commercial aircraft completes maiden flight.

Zukunft Fliegen
Bildquelle: Airbus


  • Drinking water plants in all locations save us transport and bottle recycling
  • Through local suppliers, e.g. of fruit baskets, we focus on regionality and short distances.
  • By sharing meeting rooms with other tenants we save space and energy costs
  • Through 3 locations in Germany we save long travel costs to customers


  • Since our founding, we have obtained electricity at our main location in Stuttgart from the 100% green electricity provider Lichtblick.
  • We have daylight in all rooms
  • Through our cloud strategy with dynamic and usage-oriented consumption as well as the home office options of all colleagues, we save electricity and travel = energy.
  • When using e-scooters, we pay attention to sustainability and CO2 neutrality, as we do with the provider TIER:


  • Paperless working is a top priority for us. From digital fax reception to digital signature to e-invoicing as well as the earliest possible digitalisation of documents so that they do not even have to be printed out.
  • We separate and dispose of waste in an environmentally conscious manner by means of waste islands on each floor: yellow sack, glass, residual waste, paper