Office Hamburg

KlickPiloten GmbH
Vorsetzen 53
20459 Hamburg

Telefon: +49 40 9999674-20

hamburg (at)

Location Impressions:

Location in the heart of Hamburg

Our office at Vorsetzen in Hamburg is located directly at the jetties in the Portuguese quarter and offers a beautiful view of the Elbe and the harbor.
By car, our office is easily accessible, as we have our entrance directly on the central street Vorsetzen. One should, however, be prepared to have to solve a parking ticket.

Arrival by train & public transport

From the Hamburg main station you can take the subway line U3 via the stations Baumwall or Landungsbrücken to the KlickPiloten. From the airport you can take the S1 and drive with this directly to the jetties. From both stops it is still about 3 minutes walk to the office.

Office Berlin

KlickPiloten GmbH
Zossener Str. 55
10961 Berlin

Telefon: +49 30 4036824-30

berlin (at)


KlickPiloten GmbH
Hermannstr. 5A
70178 Stuttgart

Telefon: +49 711 998879-0
Telefax: +49 711 998879-10

stuttgart (at)

Location Impressions:

Location in the heart of Stuttgart

The Hermannstraße 5A, is located in the heart of the Stuttgart region (70178). Between the prominent locations of the alliance and the Stuttgarter Feuersee is the KlickPiloten GmbH (headquarters) optimally accessible by public transport and the car. Customer parking is available in the courtyard.

Arrival by train and S-Bahn

All S-Bahn lines to the airport and Stuttgart main station lead to the KlickPiloten. Please get off at the stop Feuersee. The entrance is in the Hermannstraße 5A, backyard building ground floor.

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